Jodie Foster optioned a Seberg biography in the early '90s that never made it to the screen. The role goes light on flashy dramatic explosions, but there's a genuinely affecting build in the amplification of fear, paranoia, anger and sorrow as Jean's defiant refusal to abandon her beliefs under mounting pressure is broken down. All rights reserved. Then it all starts over again, the cycle repeating in endless variations, eventually sending her into the path of Alan (Charlie Barnett), who’s experiencing exactly the same thing. By the time she's traveling back to Los Angeles in 1968 with her agent, Walt Breckman (Stephen Root), Seberg's career and personal life had been transformed by her star-making role in Breathless and her (second) marriage to French novelist Romain Gary (Yvan Attal), with whom she had a son. One of the year’s great, if delayed, sighs of relief arrived when Pop TV picked up a discarded gem from Netflix’s ever-growing pile of discarded gems. At the beginning of “Seberg,” the movie has more of a pastel sheen, a reflection of the era and the unclouded nature of her story.

In terms of pure craft, TV doesn’t get much better. What if we all drove electric? “Unbelievable” is, on its surface, a terrific, deeply empathetic procedural, two hardworking cops moving slowly toward a victim they don’t even know exists, but who they’re fighting for all the same.

Stewart’s monotonous delivery makes her character sound uninterested and bored, even though the movie wants to show how the actress grew into an activist—posing for pictures with members of the Black Panthers and funding their education initiatives—that would land her in the FBI’s crosshairs. Los Angeles division chief Frank Ellroy (Colm Meaney) is impressed by the tech savvy of ambitious young agent Jack Solomon (O'Connell), partnering him with more experienced hothead Carl Kowalski (Vince Vaughn) and authorizing a program of bugging and wire taps that extends to Jean once she and Hakim begin an affair. And there was the visceral, surprising, often thrilling pilot, which placed a hunted police force at its center and ended with a white man hanging from a tree in Oklahoma (while “Pore Jud is Daid” played, no less). David Milch was allowed to return to the world “Deadwood” for a final time, and the result isn’t so much nostalgia as elegy. What a delight. So here’s one last one, for the road: If you like any of those shows, watch “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” And hey, it pulled off an episode-length parody of “Cats” earlier this year,” so it’s topical, too. The concept of returning to the world of not just one but two of the best shows of the last decade made me incredibly apprehensive. ", Production companies: Automatik, Indikate Production, Totally Commerical Films, BP Production

But Jean remains nervous about Hollywood and ambivalent about making anything she perceives as fluff, which is the case with Paint Your Wagon, the Joshua Logan musical Walt is urging her to do. What creators Amy Poehler, Leslye Headland, and Natasha Lyonne (also the star) achieve in just that story, on just that level, is no small thing. At first, success eluded her. TWITTER (No mention is made of Seberg's alleged affair with co-star Clint Eastwood.).

A fascinating historical footnote tracing the intersection between late-1960s Hollywood and iniquitous American government meddling is explored in director Benedict Andrews' involving second feature, Seberg. The filmmaking is masterful here, including direction by David Fincher, Andrew Dominik, and Carl Franklin, as is the plotting and ambition of a season that uses the Atlanta Child Murders as a window into how much we can never truly know about the criminal mind.

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