The smartest of the quartet, Karl Vierstein is sometimes nicknamed Computer because he has an eidetic memory; whatever he's read he never forgets - perhaps because his father is a professor for Maths at the local university. Also, Florence is 750 kilometres away ("Horror-Trip im Luxusauto"). Mostly this is because the K is needed to form the TKKG brand.).

It also cannot be Hamburg as in the episode "Bei Anruf Angst" ("panic by phone call") a girl who is kidnapped and searched for by TKKG is said to come from Hamburg - referring to this Tim says that they could not go there as this city "would be too far away" ("...und die Hansestadt ist weit"). Some people protest because a large port sometimes takes place in the TKKG-City, but this port only appears in two radio dramas but not in the original books, where the stories with the port plays outside of the TKKG-City.
Die Haie vom Lotus-Garten (The sharks from the Lotus-Garden), 099 ... Hilflos in eisiger Nacht (Helpless in the freezing night), 100 ... Fieser Trick mit Nr. – Country : UK – Who in bibs : girls ~18?, men * – Available o... Bib overalls films, dungarees movies, films salopettes, Latzhosenfilme, tuinbroek film, film overal, jardineira, Haalari, Kjeledress, Kombinezonas, Snickarbyxor, Hängselbyxor. Reactions are meant for films, but also for (one of) the actor(s)... As announced, I have completely rechecked this movie, previously rated 6. She is the daughter of police commissioner Emil Glockner and his wife Margot, who runs a small grocery store. - Year : 1994-1998 - Year in film : 1990s - C... Disney film, novel by Wilson Rawls Year : 1998 - Year in film : 1800s  - Country : Canada - Who in bibs : boy Jay ~14 , girl, men ... BBC German learning series, 5 ep – Year : 1998 – Year in film : 1990s ? His parents are rich - his father owns a chocolate ware company - but Willi likes to spend more time with his friends.

Spoluherci ve filmu "Ein Fall für TKKG (TV seriál)": (*1969) herečka, zpěvačka, módní návrhářka, (*1887 - 1968) výtvarník, malíř, šachista, (*1950 - 2017) zpěvák, skladatel, hudebník, kytarista, Beresina oder Die letzten Tage der Schweiz, OP ruft Dr. Bruckner - Die besten Ärzte Deutschlands, Weltings vom Hauptbahnhof - Scheidung auf Kölsch, Die, God afton, Herr Wallenberg - En Passionshistoria från verkligheten, La Sfinge sorride prima di morire - stop - Londra. I collect informations, trailer videos, low-res images and personal comments/ratings. Log In. The first six episodes were shown between 7 November 1985 and 12 December 1985 on ZDF. Klößchen ist verschwunden (Help! In June 2004 TKKG changed their publisher from Pelican to CBJ - They published volumes 07, 14, 54, 77 and 84 in January 2005 as a new edition with the CBJ brand name. Setting was well hidden. In Indonesia, TKKG books are translated to Indonesian. 100 (Nasty trick with No. Gaby in Gefahr (Help! His nickname is derived from his passion for chocolate; he never can keep his fingers off anything sweet. She is very good at English and backstroking. People.

Klasse (Victims fly 1st. This is my personal blog / database about Bib overalls in feature films and TV series.

(There. From 2012-2020 on and now I'm back. He is tall and lanky, but not athletic. UK–Who in clothing: Tom ~9 ?

The film is an expansion of an earlier short film of the same name that Tan released in 2016. Afterwards all episodes in irregular order were broadcast on ZDF and on KI.KA. Create New Account. Die blauen Schafe von Artelsbach (The blue sheep from Artelsbach), 189 ... Iwan, der Schreckliche (Iwan, the terrible), 190 ... Der eiskalte Clown (The ice-cold clown), 193 ... Das Weihnachts-Phantom (The Christmas-Phantom), 194 ... Der Friedhof der Namenlosen (The graveyard of the nameless), 199 ... Verfolgungsjagd vor Mitternacht (Chase before midnight), 201 ... Vom Goldschatz besessen (Obsessed by the goldtreasure), 202 ... Ein Paradies für Diebe (A paradise for thieves), 203 ... Der Räuber mit der Weihnachtsmaske (The robber with the christmasmask), 204 ... Verschwörung auf Hoher See (Conspiracy on high sea), 206 ... Achtung,Ufo-Kult!
The Junior detective series TKKG is a German series of audio dramas and novels created by "Stefan Wolf", a pseudonym used by Rolf Kalmuczak. Many links are wrong but exist (blog search). He lives together with Tim at the boarding school, where they share a room.

However, the author has stated in numerous interviews that the "town of millions" is in fact fictitious. Mata Hari is a 1985 erotic biographical film directed by Curtis Harrington (which is the final film he directed before he died in May 2007), produced by Golan-Globus and featuring Sylvia Kristel in the title role of exotic dancer Mata Hari, executed for espionage during World War I..

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His father, an engineer, had a fatal accident when Tim was only 6 years old. Episodes 7 - 12 had also been broadcast on ZDF two years later between 22 October 1987 and 26 November 1987 for the first time. Die "Monsters" kommen (Danger! The names of the main characters have been slightly changed : Tarzan, Karl, Klaus, Gaby. Die Falle am Fuchsbach (The trap at fox creek), 064 ... Schwarze Pest aus Indien (Black plague from India), 065 ... Sklaven für Wutawia (Slaves for Wutawia), 066 ... Gauner mit der "Goldenen Hand" (The crook with the "Golden Hands"), 067 ... Hinterhalt im Eulenforst (Ambush at the owl forest), 068 ... Rauschgiftrazzia im Internat (Drug raid at the boarding school), 069 ... Achtung! This blog was created in 2011. Previously, Tim was originally called Tarzan by his friends because of his athletic prowess, but he did not want to be compared with this 'half-finished bodybuilder' after he had seen a very bad movie about him (the change actually came about because the name Tarzan is trademarked).

I'm not working in the clothing nor movie industry nor anything related to this blog. So the two keep a secret stash of the good things in the cellar, where they help themselves whenever they have the chance. Page Transparency See More. Die gefährliche Zeugin verschwindet (The disappearance of the dangerous witness), 131 ... Stundenlohn für flotte Gangster (Hourly wages for quick gangsters), 132 ... Homejacker machen Überstunden (Homejackers do overtime), 133 ... Auf vier Pfoten zur Millionenbeute (On four paws to the million-bounty), 134 ... Wer stoppt die Weihnachts-Gangster? The homeland of the TKKG gang is a fictitious town with millions of inhabitants somewhere in Germany. The mascot of the group is Gaby's black and white cocker spaniel. The names of all the main characters have been changed to facilitate the locals to pronounce the names. Klößchen is called Klumpling in Austrian audio book editions and in the official English translation of the movies. Community See All.

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