CEO & Founder, Dusty Robotics. Julia Hu. Pascal founded and sold enterprises since he is 14. CEO & Founder, Clarifai. Nominations that are accepted are featured in the upcoming quarter. If you know someone who should be interviewed and featured, please fill out the nomination form.

Since many people in our community are prominent businesspeople, celebrities, or public figures— we expect to see delays in response times. Cynthia Breazeal. Dig deeper and you'll find a vibrant network of passionate creatives, academics & engineers— people that care about the future of humankind in a way that is truly inspiring. Do you want to be notified the next time a new showcase is published? Versace's company, Neurala Inc, builds Artificial Intelligence emulating brain function in software. Get notified the next time a showcase goes online. Fill out the form below and we'll reply via "electronic mail" as they used to call it. He started his career working at the intersection of machine learning and neuroscience, building algorithms that more closely mimic the human brain. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Founder & Chief AI Officer, Augustus AI.

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Xavier Sarras Advisor. Pascal Weinberger is an AI researcher and entrepreneur.

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Founder & CEO, Lark Health. ABOUT WEINBERGER: Weinberger was born in Germany and like every prodigy in the world, he is also a self taught computer programmer. Augustus AI. CEO & Co-founder, ADDO AI. Prof. James W. Pennebaker, Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Chief Algorithms Officer & EVP,, Head of Measurement and Instrumentation, DTU Space, Director of Engineering, Uber ATG Toronto, Machine Learning for Logistics & Transportation, Founder & Executive Director, DaVinci Institute, VP of Applied Deep Learning Research, NVIDIA, Research Scientist in Optics, Boulder Non Linear Systems, Professor, School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for New American Security, Technology & National Security Program, Founder & CEO/Product Development, SentiGeek, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Behavioral Signals, Yes, this list is updated on a quarterly basis, To keep it interesting, each quarter has a theme, BTW — we feature both companies and humans. This is why bios are sometimes rewritten after the list goes to publication. Xavier is an entrepreneur, investor and a leading expert on customer experience and marketing digitization.

Pascal Weinberger in conversation with his team at Telefonica's "moonshots" division Alpha, where he heads AI research and development. Er arbeitete u.a. The person who is responsible for all these is Pascal Weinberger and he is just 21. On the surface it's just a showcase.

PASCAL WEINBERGER Co-Founder & Chief AI Officer Augustus AI. The people chosen to be part of each quarterly showcase will receive a nomination email from a member of our community. "We sought out the most sophisticated thinkers on the future of technology and simply started putting them in a single place & connecting them to others.

Professor of Physics, MIT. Just click the button below to subscribe. Founder, Jibo . Your submission has been received. Tessa Lau. Founder, Creative Destruction Lab.

Dazwischen auch immer Co-Gründer Pascal Weinberger in Shorts und Flip-Flops.

Augustus-Mitgründer Pascal Weinberger gilt laut “Forbes” als “Wunderkind der künstlichen Intelligenz”. Ajay Agrawal. Ein Adeliger hatte vor Jahren die Google-Nerds Brin und Page finanziert und weiterverwiesen an eine Förderungsgesellschaft, die nach CIA riecht. für Google Brain aus dem Alphabet-Konzern. Max Tegmark. Pascal Weinberger Advisor. Matt Zeiler. Also on the management team is 23-year-old information technology expert Pascal Weinberger, whom Forbes introduced as a “prodigy.” Augustus provides “the leading gateway to AI” and helps people find “data solutions for the ongoing benefit of humanity,” according to its website.

After nominations are made, bios will be drafted and nominees will be asked to confirm the details before (*or sometimes after) we publish them in an issue. Pascal Weinberger.

He was also on the board with Google’s Brain … Haupt und Weinberger verbindet auch ein zweites Startup namens Stealth AI, bei dem beide als Co-Gründer bei Linkedin gelistet sind. Oops! Subsequently, he joined Google Brain as an engineer on a number of the company’s AI projects.

A world-wide showcase of human minds working behind the scenes at the intersection of Narrow AI, Tech & Economic Growth. CEO of the Allen Institute for AI. Unklar ist, ob es sich dabei um einen Vorgänger von Augustus Intelligence handelt. Over the course of his academic and industrial career, he has lectured and spoken at dozens of events and venues, including NASA, the Pentagon, Air Force Research Labs, GE, Samsung, and many more.

Oren Etzioni. He's been a former Machine Learning and AI engineer at Google and was head of AI and Rapid Prototyping at Alpha Telefonica. That's all.". "Als Mozart der AI" gilt der 23-Jährige, als "Wunderkind der Künstlichen Intelligenz". Flying cars, augmented reality glasses and contact lenses that can detect diabetes: They're all innovations born out of Google X, the skunkworks division of Alphabet. Each quarter in 2020, we will be focusing on a specific theme. Investors support the company with millions of dollars. He chose to drop to from the college as by the age of 15 he already fed himself with remote courses in programming from MIT. Thank you!

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